Sheila Quinlan, Attorney at Law
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San Francisco, Ca 94102

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The best and fastest way to contact us is via email.

For those who are not local to the Bay Area, we can meet via email and we are able to conduct business anywhere via phone, email and so forth.

We are located in downtown San Francisco. If you live in the Bay Area, please feel free to contact us to schedule an appointment. We require a brief analysis of your case via email or phone before scheduling an appointment.

We charge a $150 consultation rate if you wish to come into our office. This amount may be credited toward your future service if you hire us within 30 days.

If you wish to run your case by Ms. Quinlan via email and have her give you some preliminary advice, we offer this at no charge.

Many persons will need Ms. Quinlan to obtain their criminal records prior to engaging her services. There is a charge for obtaining records depending on the situation at hand.

We will be very clear about fees and costs for a particular case and provide you this information in writing

You may also contact us using the form below: