California PROP 47 – Expungement – 1203.4 Dismissal – Felony Reduction – Juvenile Record Sealing

Located in the San Francisco Bay area but covering all of California, our office serves those who need criminal record expungement and dismissal of prior criminal offenses.

I am a private attorney providing criminal record clearance and related services in California.

I represent persons with one or more past criminals who would like to eliminate the many problems of having criminal convictions on their records.

Having your criminal records dismissed can ease the way into promotion, better or new employment, professional licensing and gun ownership.

My clients enjoy full attorney-client privilege. All communications with me about your case are confidential.

Our fees are competitive and we offer very personalized service. My personal goal is to solve your problems and I offer creative solutions for all types of convictions including juvenile offenses.

Please feel free to email me with your questions.

Sheila Quinlan, Attorney at Law